F8 featuring Leif Garrett
and Jimmy and the Teasers
Sept. 19, 2002 - The Star Bar, Atlanta, Georgia
By Sean Young

Right: Jimmy and the Teasers

It was a beautiful last few days of summer kind of night in the city. Even for a Thursday. And the community of Little Five Points got to witness a teen idol revival of some sorts. But this was nothing sweet and dreamy like say, Bobby Sherman, Frankie Avalon, New Kids On The Block, or whatever. We're talking about a certain ex-teen heartthrob, ex-junkie who came back a lot harder than many, with his hard rock/metal band called F8.

A few "fans" of Leif's early years as a superstar showed up for such an even. However, the reaction was more claps and hoots than screams and hollers of the days of yore, as they lined up in front of him after the show for autographs and a few small words backstage.

But, first to take us into the night was a high-energy performance by some friends of mine from way the hell out in Chapel Hill, N.C. called Jimmy and the Teasers. Three lovely young ladies in cheerleader outfits who serve as the backing band for their mic-chasin', git-bashing wildman Jim Brad (lead singer). Kicking ass as usual on one of their many visits to Atlanta, the Teasers; Valerie on drums, Katherine on guitar and Charity on Bass, looking and playing good as ever, watched as Jimmy chased the microphone stand around (knocking it over occasionally) without missing a single cue. Later on in the set, we find him performing a number on the audience floor of the bar. Those are just some of the things you can come to expect to see in any of their shows. And for the people in front, watch that mic stand.

Right: F8 featuring Leif Garrett

So, after the Teasers are done, and all is being taken down, Leif and his mates prepare for their performance. Guitars are actually set up on the stage wall like in a guitar shop while Leif orders drinks. We stand thru 20 minutes of Ramones on the house stereo. Finally, about midnitish, the band takes to the stage to kick into an original Leif Garrett composition called "I Know", obviously a song about getting help, considering his most recent conviction in late '99 just months after his "Behind the Music" interview.

The music was dark and moody, much like that of today's rock (Mickelback, ugh!). But they did kinda sorta spruce things up with the twangy, "Clear" as well as a cover of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth". They also did a song, which Leif claimed not be be one of his own, titled "Former Childhood Star". I hoped nobody was expecting to hear songs about dancing....all, all, all, all night long.

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